Feb 2, 2011 by Lee Hart

Just another happy day

Today in the world…snow storm of the century is barreling
across the U.S. and into eastern Canada; waterlogged Australia is bracing for a
typhoon of biblical proportions; some guy in B.C. thought it made sense to
shoot and cut the throats of a 100 dogs because his boss told him to; Twitter
continues to work overtime to bring down the government in Egypt; Charlie Sheen
may not be taking rehab seriously —geez there’s a bulletin; Prince William and
his new wife may come to Canada after they are married — why not, they own it;
Alberta is completely rudderless now that both the Premier and the Leader of
the Opposition have quit — and I didn’t think it was such a bad place to work;
and in a reckless bit of driving yesterday I ran over and killed Balzac Billy
so we will not know on Ground Hog Day (today) if there will be more winter
ahead or not — I apologize for that. The best news is I know the Canadian beef
industry is in good, caring hands after a friend of mine at the Canadian
Cattleman’s Association called me at 1 a.m. this morning to say he was sorry he
didn’t get back to me earlier in the day, but we could talk later today. I
slept much better after that. 

Lee Hart is
a long time blogger and social media guru who can be reached at [email protected]


Lee Hart

Lee Hart

Lee Hart is a long-time farm writer, and honorary member of the Alberta Institute of Agrologists, with many observations on the agriculture industry, who never hesitates to admit he is wrong (should that ever happen.)

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