Apr 10, 2018 by Scott Garvey

Competing with a big dog

An image from the YouTube video of Jay Leno’s review of a new Seiger 620

Last year I test-drove a couple of new Steigers at a Case IH media event in Iowa. The brand was officially pulling the wraps off of the newest versions of their high-horsepower machines, which use a CVT transmission. That was just a few weeks ahead of their official public debut. And we machinery editors had a chance to get behind the wheel of an assortment of tractors assembled in that field near the city of Boone.

With the Grainews video camera rolling I used a Steiger equipped with a blade to push a giant pile compost around and drove some other new models to see how it felt using a CVT in a machine that size. Needless to say, I enjoyed the opportunity to get the feel of the new tractors, and we posted the video to our website here at Grainews.ca. But for some reason, I suspect the latest action video of a Steiger will grab a few more online views than mine did.


Well, Jay Leno did the driving this time; and with Case IH’s product rep Mitch Kaiser in the cab with him, he piloted one of the 20th anniversary special edition models, a flagship 620, through the neighbourhood around his personal Big Dog garage in greater Los Angeles. If you watch what’s going on behind the tractor, you’ll see he also seems to have had the help of a couple of traffic officers from the local police department.

Interestingly, Mitch managed to get in a lot of marketing talk during the conversation with Jay as they spoke about the kind of features built into the tractor.

So you can see how that makes my four or five minute instalment seem a little less grand compared to that. And the segment, which I assume will be part of one of the upcoming “Jay Leno’s Garage” TV episodes, runs just over 34 minutes. That’s a lot longer than the time devoted to more than a few cars Jay has reviewed on his show over the past few seasons.

However, Jay actually does apologize to viewers for spending so much time with the big tractor. No need to apologize to me, Jay. I enjoyed watching it.

You’ll find a link to the YouTube episode with Jay, Mitch, and Lee Klancher, author of the book “Red 4WD Tractors, 1957-2017, below.

And if you didn’t get enough of watching Steiger videos from Jay’s show, you can always watch mine here:

If you watch both videos and feel the need to critique my effort compared to Jay’s, remember this: he had an entire professional camera crew and post-production team working on his project. My team consisted of only one cameraman (me), one sound recorder (me), one lighting technician (me), one host (me), and one editor (me). So don’t judge me too harshly.


Scott Garvey

Scott Garvey

Grainews' machinery editor Scott Garvey follows trends and innovation in equipment technology, takes a look at new farm machinery offerings, tracks their performance and goes into the workshop to find better ways to keep them up and running.

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