Posts from "September, 2019"

Get in and hang on

My morning routine usually involves first sitting down in my office with a coffee and scanning through emails, and then checking Twitter to see what, if any, interesting news is being talked about. Today I noticed two very interesting tweets almost one after the other. The contradiction between them was a bit jarring. The first

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Keeping up with the times

This week a news release on a survey about the general public’s attitude toward education arrived in my digital inbox. I’m not sure how I ended up on the mailing list for it. Getting inundated by “news” releases from marketing staff of all stripes, whether or not it has anything to with what we write

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Hand me that fish

There are some days lately—well, many of them actually—when it feels to me like the world is living through one giant Monty Python skit. I mean think of it. This week Boris Johnson’s Tory government in the UK tried to pass a non-confidence bill against itself to trigger an election—and it failed! Even with his

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