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Eastbound and down

When I sat down to write my blog entry this week, I started into a serious discussion of the major topics affecting farmers lately: the China syndrome, inaccurate press coverage of key ag topics in some non-farm publications—due to a significant lack of understanding of the issues by those reporters covering them—and so on. Then

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Taking in the classics

When I first started writing about tractors and machinery, I was only looking at older machines, anything vintage, rare, unique or just plain interesting. Or perhaps more accurately stated, anything that was interesting to the editors I was supplying articles to, which meant almost anything old on Canadian farms. That’s because my first customers as

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Out of the Morning

In a radio broadcast to the people of occupied France during World War II, Winston Churchill reassured them that liberation would come. “Sleep well,” he said, “For morning will come”. On June 6, 1944 as the sun rose, morning had truly dawned. It was D Day. The largest seaborne invasion fleet ever assembled began to

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