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When the press release from Versatile (Buhler Industries) first popped up in my email inbox with the name Kubota in the heading, I thought, “Here it comes!”. There’s a good reason I was bracing for a really big announcement between those two brands. The rumours around a deal between them have swirled through the ag

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My knowledge as of the Ides of March

The amount that I have learned since my last blog is scary. The real scary thing I learned – my editor said if I don’t write more timely blogs they may be looking for a new writer. (The ancient Romans seemed to have been acting on a similar impulse on this day in 44 B.C.

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Species extinction?

When I attended Case IH’s introduction of the new AFS Connect Magnum tractors near Phoenix, Arizona, in January, just a couple of miles away in another field on the University of Arizona’s grounds a different and much more private event was taking place. Regina-based DOT Technologies had one of their autonomous implement carriers there conducting

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