Posts from "May, 2018"

Knowing the score

A few months ago I was sitting in a classroom discussing the value of exam scores. One of the questions posed was, is it important for students, either those in adult learning situations or kids in school, to focus on getting good grades, or is there a better way to evaluate progress? The opinions, as

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Steeling for higher prices

John Deere, the brand that owns the lion’s share of the farm equipment business in North America, announced recently it had a pretty good start to 2018. In fact, it estimates its net sales and revenue for the year will jump by a whopping 26 percent over last year. Whether that prediction holds may soon

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The pace of change

This week I was sitting in the cab of a 10-year-old old Class 8 truck equipped with an auto-shift transmission. After attempting to back up the truck and finesse it into position, the person behind the wheel commented that particular automatic transmission made the kind of slow manoeuvre he was attempting difficult. The transmission just

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