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Virtual machinery shows

One of the things I constantly hear from equipment brand representatives is that for them to have a presence at the numerous farm equipment shows across North America, the associated costs chew up a lot of their annual marketing budget. That topic came to the fore at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina a couple

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Mid-life crisis?

I think the 1970s deserved the title of “decade of the truck”. (Take my word for it. I was there!) For starters, there was the CB radio craze, which even developed its own language. And there must have been a semi-trailer truck incorporated into the plot of a TV show, at least once per evening.

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Right to repair

Every car and light truck built since the 1996 model year comes with an OBD II (on-board diagnostics) plug-in port, which allows any mechanic to communicate with the on-board ECM. That’s the computer that controls the engine operating parameters. If there’s a problem, just plug in one of those OBD II (II because it’s the

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