Posts from "November, 2017"

Agree to disagree

I recall reading an analysis of the performance of CEOs of major corporations, which was published a few years ago. It was a study that looked at whether or not the compensation packages paid to leaders of the largest corporations in the United States had a direct correlation to the performance of the firms under

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Seeing the Agritechnica sights

Grainews readers will certainly have heard us talk about this November’s Agritechnica machinery show in Hannover Germany. We’ve been covering the event since 2007, and this year we even arranged to round up a bunch of our readers and bring them along with us as we made our way across the Atlantic. Both Leeann Minogue

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Brand evolution

A few months ago I had a chance to sit down with Leah Olson, president of AMC, the Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada, which is the industry association that represents most Canadian short-line ag manufacturers. One of the topics we discussed was how the generation of innovators behind many of those companies—more than a few of

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