Posts from "April, 2017"

Driving away skills

There are days when I think the best form of entertainment in town—since the movie theatre closed—is to get a window table at one of the local coffee shops on main street and watch some locals try parallel parking out front. I shouldn’t be too critical of anyone, though. Sometimes sliding a full-sized, four-door three-quarter

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A market rebound?

There must be a lot of optimism among executives in machinery company head offices these days. And the AEM (Association of Equipment Manufacturers) sales report for the month of March reflects the reason for it. Finally, following years of month-after-month sales declines in ag tractors and combines in North America, the trend line may be

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It ain’t broke, let’s fix it!

Sometimes I think bureaucrats, politicians, the makers of electronic devices (cell phones/software programs) and a hundred other things just mess with stuff because they have nothing better to do. I was just reading recently where the federal government was asking for input into changing the cash deferral plan producers use when they sell a commodity

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