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The broader view

With all the kafuffle going on south of the border in the last little while involving, well, turbulent actions coming out of the Whitehouse, I’ve been consuming a lot of online news. Not from Twitter or Facebook, although I’ve looked at some comments there as well, but from mainstream news sources in several countries. I

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It’s the little things

Every farm show seems to have its own character, from the smallest regional one to the mega event Agritechnica that happens ever second year in Germany. As it happens, Agritechnica will open its doors to the public again this November for what I’m sure will be another spectacular event.   It’s a mammoth show that

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Does this mean war?

Even if you’ve been living in a cave for the past year, you’re likely aware of the controversy over trade U.S. president-elect Trump has created with his promises during the election campaign and his tweets since. Adopting a protectionist stance, he has promised to walk away from trade deals and impose new tariffs on imports.

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