Posts from "October, 2016"

It’s alive!

As thunder crashed and lightning flashed, Dr. Frankenstein shouted those immortal words, “It’s alive!”. Who could forget that classic scene in the old movie? Exactly the same thing happened in my laboratory (ok, workshop) this week. I animated the dead—sort of. As lightning flashed around me, I yelled from the workshop roof on Halloween, “It’s

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Social skills

At the JCB Fastrac product launch in the English Midlands a couple of weeks ago, I had the very pleasant opportunity to reconnect with a bunch of farm machinery writers and editors from England. They’re people I’ve met or written for in the past couple of decades doing this job. The opportunity to talk shop

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More Fastrac horsepower

This week JCB revealed its new ag sector machinery offerings by holding a media event at its world headquarters near Rocester England. In the impressive style of machine introduction events I’ve seen from this brand before, a stage curtain in the company’s on-campus theatre lifted to reveal their newest product. In this case, the machine

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