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Agritechnica wrap up

Today I was expecting to write the usual wrap up report on this year’s Agritechnica; but as I sit in the press office at the Hanover Fair Grounds, I can’t help but think of the stark contrast that currently exits in two neighbouring countries because of last night’s events in Paris. Here in Germany, at

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Agritechnica at the midway mark

The world’s largest agricultural machinery expo just clicked past the half-way point here in Hanover Germany, and so far the attendance counter is already north of 175,000 visitors. That’s easily more than all the significant regional farm shows in Canada tally up in an entire season. And the higher attendance days typically happen toward the

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If it’s Monday, this must be Hanover

Back in 1969 a Hollywood movie debuted, titled “If it’s Tuesday, this must be Belgium”. I can remember seeing it in the theatre as a kid. Why do I mention that? Well, the movie was about a bunch of tourists taking a hectic bus trip across Europe. All of them were from different countries and

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