Posts from "February, 2015"

The new machinery market

The news coming from the major equipment brands in February strongly suggests the equipment market in 2015 is shaping up to be very different than the one we’ve experienced in the past five years. The sales outlook for new equipment this year isn’t all that rosy. In a speech to investors at a February shareholders

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Southern hospitality

It happened to me again last week. I was in the Midwestern U.S. and a complete stranger offered me the kind of hospitality usually reserved for a friend. After a day full of flight delays caused by everything from weather to the lack of an available gate for my plane to pull up to and

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Selling something online? Be careful

A couple of weeks ago I decided that some of the machines kicking around the farmyard had been here far too long. If left as they were long enough, they’d eventually degrade into big brown piles of rust. There’s no profit in that. So I sat down at the computer and posted some online ads

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