Posts from "October, 2014"

Tuck it in right

Now that most field operations have finished for the season and the first snow storm has hit the prairie, it’s time for farmers to think about end-of-season maintenance procedures before tucking those big machines into a storage shed for the winter. AGCO has some tips on just what should be done to ensure machines are

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A bushel of Guinness

I can’t even remember all the world record-setting attempts I’ve read about in the last few years involving farm machinery in Europe. There was the one for the most tractors more than 20 years old working in one field, another was for the most vintage self-propelled forage harvesters working together, then there was the most

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Northgate project really opens U.S. market

There is an interesting grain handling and export project about to begin shipping wheat and canola from Saskatchewan and Manitoba into the U.S. this fall. At the community of Northgate in southeast Sask., a Canadian company with U.S. interests is developing a rail terminal to buy and transport grain and oilseeds south into U.S. markets

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