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AGCO further improves parts distribution

In early February, members of AGCO’s senior North American management team made the trip to Woodstock, Ontario, for yet another of that company’s ribbon cutting ceremonies. And there have been quite a few in the past couple of years, as the brand makes some concrete moves toward improving its manufacturing and parts distribution infrastructure. The

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Brand it

  It hasn’t been that long since Canadians were busy unwrapping Christmas presents under trees. And it’s a safe bet that prairie farm kids received their share of scale model farm toys and clothing branded with their—or Dad’s—favourite machinery name. Those toys, caps, T-shirts and the like actually generate a substantial amount of revenue for

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The haves and the have nots

I was talking with Eric Boulton, 85, and his daughter Alexa Emerson recently about their beef operation on Gabriola Island just off the east coast of Vancouver Island (near Nanaimo). With an 85 head cowherd, they raise mostly Limousin calves for a local fresh meat market. Most of the market heifers, finished on their Somerset

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