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No quick fix for antibiotic resistance issue

I like wading in on complex, scientific topics like antibiotic resistance blamed on the use of too many antibiotics in the livestock industry, because then I can clear things up for the average, lay reader. So on this subject I can say that I completely agree — yes antibiotics are used in the livestock industry.

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New F 150 is no lightweight

“When you spend nearly four decades at the top of the pickup truck market, you learn some things,” is the leadoff line on Ford’s release to the media introducing the 2015 F150. What Ford seems to have learned best is how to keep ahead of the competition when it comes to truck sales numbers. The

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Help for a good cause

It seems so many institutions in this country that once were entirely wards of the state now count increasingly on charitable donations to keep operating. Our local hospital, for instance. When the old building became unusable, the town had to raise several million dollars on its own before the province would commit any funds to

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