Posts from "December, 2013"

Co-operation key to improving Canadian beef industry

There is a movement afoot in the Canadian beef industry to get all sectors from producers through to retailers singing from the same hymnbook. It may be an oversimplification of what the Straw Man Beef Industry Initiative is about, but the effort is geared at creating a more organized and targeted Canadian beef production system,

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You never know who you’ll meet

Looking back on this year’s Agritechnica, I can’t help but think how extraordinary it was to travel so far from home and run into so many people I knew or were from Canada. Despite being travelling half way around the world, it seemed I was still among friends and familiar faces.   As I walked

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Book captures the art of ranch life

If you are looking for a great coffee-table book that does a beautiful job of capturing the images of ranch life in Western Canada, Wyoming photographer JoAnne Meeker has just released a new book that speaks volumes in a few words. You may think it is pushing it to consider a photo of a horse

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