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One of the “oldtimers” in organics

Charlie Lasser was organic before it was even cool. The Chetwynd, B.C. rancher has had a closed beef herd for 45 years, he has never used fertilizers and chemicals on the ranch. He called the other day looking for information on another matter, but was also able to fill me in a bit on his

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Is demand for diesel fuel about to decline?

All of the hype that swirled around biofuels a couple of years ago has kind of died down, probably because little real policy incentive has been created to continue driving alternative fuels forward. And the federal government has announced the EcoEnergy Biofuel Subsidy Program will not be renewed when it expires in 2017, much to

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There is real life here after all

It took a lot of driving but I finally found a beef animal in Arizona. I saw lots of fenced desert, where I am sure nothing lives, but finally as I traveled through the northern part of the state toward the Grand Canyon, I finally saw some grass growing between the brush and figured there

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