Posts from "September, 2012"

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show

Last week I caught a flight to Toronto to take in Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show ( Although the show has been an annual event in southern Ontario for 19 years, this was my time through the gates to have a look at it. Getting from Pearson airport out to Woodstock where the show is held

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U.S. beef market is one giant bird in the hand

A Canadian ag/food policy group said this week the Canadian beef industry has to reduce its reliance on the U.S. market, but the point is if Canada doesn’t sell beef to the U.S. who else is going to buy it at that price. The message that the Canadian beef industry needs to reduce its reliance

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A happy and eager workforce

This week I found myself parked in one of the soft armchairs at a Starbucks coffee shop perusing a Globe and Mail newspaper while sipping a grande Pike Blend. Leading off the Report on Business section in the paper was this headline, “Auto workers threaten triple strike”. A strike by CAW workers against all of

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