Posts from "June, 2012"

Double whammy needed for parasite control in beef cattle

Cow/calf producers may have thought they were out of the woods on this one, but research in the U.S. and a bit in Canada is showing that the single pour-on/ivomec-type treatment may no longer being effective in controlling parasites. Just like grain and oilseed growers who are running into problems with herbicide resistant weeds, the

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Planning a summer getaway?

Are you thinking about taking a car trip this summer? If you are and you can convince your wife to spend time looking at farm machinery, I have a couple of destination suggestions. First, this is John Deere’s 175th corporate birthday. And the company has updated its tourist-oriented John Deere Pavillion in Moline, Illinois. The

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Regulating new technologies

Standards limiting engine emissions is something farmers all across Canada have been hearing a lot about over the last few years. Off-road diesel engines, like those powering farm equipment, have had to meet increasingly stringent limits recently. But initially developing those tough, new regulations was primarily the result of forward-looking efforts in Europe and the

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