Posts from "February, 2012"

Another view on the new CWB

I had one reader who didn’t necessarily agree with my thoughts on all the new vibes floating around over the new CWB (see February 17 blog).  Blair Backman of Saskatchewan figures it will be a step backwards. Blair explains his point quite well and a couple things he is quite correct on, I know nothing

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A Roundup Ready hot potato

If you have any thoughts on the pros and cons of Roundup Ready alfalfa the Canadian Forage and Grassland Association is looking for input. The actual deadline for submitting comments for an upcoming report has just passed, but I bet if you sent your thoughts in over the next day or two they would be

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A hunting I will go

A long-awaited event took place this past week; and I’m not referring to groundhog day, although a rodent did play a part in the lead up to it. What happened that was so special? Electricity was finally restored to my workshop—for the second time since September. Underground electrical service lines are great. You don’t need

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