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What lesson learned from the great Mammoth kill of ought, ought, ought 13?

I think it is important that North American cattlemen keep those livestock numbers up to avoid the risk of another Ice Age. I’m still on the fence when it comes to issue of Global Warming – is it happening? Why is it happening? And so on…  But a recent article I read says it was

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A complete horse ban is needed

If we really want to get these ‘sickos’ who slaughter horses for meat-sale profit off the street, the only real, long lasting solution is an outright ban on  breeding and ownership of any class of horse in North America by anyone– unless you are a card-carrying member of the Amish community. The value of or

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No “Beef Production for Dummies” – yet

Just kicking back in the office today, catching up on some reading and on the top of the pile is a new book called “Raising Goats for Dummies”. I knew there was a series of these trademark bright yellow and black jacketed books on a wide range of topics, but I thought it was 15

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